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National Adult Literacy Database

EServer TC Library

Gary B. Larson's Writing Resources

Indoition - Technical Documentation Know-How


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USA Government web site that promotes better writing, especially in government.



Thumbnail of National Adult Literacy DatabaseNational Adult Literacy Database

The National Adult Literacy Database, now hosted by COPAIN, is a Canadian site that supports adult literacy teaching. Mainly aimed at teachers. Most of the material is available in English and French.



Thumbnail of TC Library

A large database of resources for technical communicators, with a big section on editing.



Thumbnail of Gary B. Larson's writing website
Gary B. Larson's Writing Resources

You may agree or disagree with Mr Larson's politics, but you'll probably find that his collection of links is useful.



Thumbnail of indoition.comIndoition - Technical Documentation Know-How

Marc Achtelig maintains a collection of tools, checklists, and resources for creating technical documentation and help.