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Here is a collection of nine principles to help you edit for the web.

You can work with them in two ways: 

  1. Follow them from 1 to 9 as a process, or
  2. Pick out a few of them that appeal to you, and use them as you wish.

You'll probably get the best results from the 'process' method, but the 'pick out' method is a great way to become familiar with them.

  1. Understand who and why
  2. Understand the text
  3. Choose what to say
  4. Slash everything else
  5. Edit sentences
  6. Put into logical order
  7. Demolish walls of words
  8. Use links in the right way
  9. Rest it then test it




Tips and cautions

If there's something that you should be especially careful about then there will be a caution here.

Also, look here for tips.

If you would like to contribute a tip (or anything else) then please contact me.

Where from? Where next?

The principles come from web and other resources, and from experience.

You will see references to the supporting research over here.

You'll also see ideas for what else to read.